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    Restaurant: Cravings

    This was my first project as a student. The assignment was to create a simple site for one of the on-campus eateries. This was not to be the actual site used, but I made it as though it were.

    Skills Used: HTML, CSS, JS

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    Tech Research: LESS

    This was my second project submitted shortly after the first. The requirements were to create a single-page site on a given topic within a day, including research, design, and development.

    Skills Used: HTML, CSS, JS

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    Discography: RED

    This was my third and favorite project to date because I was able to realize my vision for the site. The assignment was to create a discography site for a music group of my choosing using a pre-existing framework.

    Skills Used: Bootstrap 4, HTML, CSS, JS

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    Discography: Foo Fighters

    For this project, I took someone else’s code and implemented features like a database that manages the content, a registration form, a login system, and an interface to upload content.

    Skills Used: Bootstrap 3.3, PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS, JS

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    Midwest Measurement Society

    This project was for a gas measurement trade group located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I was the project manager, developed the styles for the site, and handled finalizing production.

    Skills Used: Wordpress, CSS

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Other Skills

  • Wordpress
  • Javelin
  • Bootstrap
  • Git
  • SASS
  • LESS



I am a web developer with a focus on front-end technologies and experiences. I studied web design and development at the Francis Tuttle Technology Institute in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I am a huge mixed-bag of interests, talents, experiences, and random information. I also have a wide array of professional experience, including business management, legal administration, and enterprise IT. My personal philosophy is that if you spend the time to do something but do not do it well, you are wasting your time. One of my favorite quotes is a paraphrased passage from Aristotle: "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."


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